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Random, Pre-Access, Pre-Employment, Post-Accident & Refusal to Test

Random, Pre-Access, Pre-Employment, Post-Accident & Refusal to Test

For everything from substance abuse evaluations to custody evaluations, trust Robert W. Harelson Psy.D, SAP. Based in Lafayette, California, he primarily provides substance abuse and DUI evaluations. He also offers other legal services such as:

• Assessments
• Return to Safety Sensitive Duty Authorizations
• Custody Issue Resolution
• Referrals for Education and Treatment
• DOT and US Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Violation Resolution
• Court Evaluations and Reports to Licensing Boards or Associations
• Follow-up Appointments

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Contact Dr. Harelson to arrange an initial assessment appointment by calling (925) 639-2555 or contact him via email at All appointments are generally scheduled within 24 hours.

Contact Dr. Harelson for compassionate support in dealing with your substance abuse, custody, or maritime legal issues.