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Evaluations from a Substance Abuse Professional

Services From A Substance Abuse Professional

Services From A Substance
Abuse Professional

For substance abuse evaluations, turn to Robert W. Harelson Psy.D, SAP. He provides support throughout the entire evaluation process.



If you tested positive on a drug test and don't know where to start read through Dr. Harelson’s frequently-asked questions to learn about your options.

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Business Information

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Learn about Robert W. Harelson Psy.D, SAP

Since 1991, Robert W. Harelson Psy.D, SAP has provided substance abuse evaluations in the Lafayette, California area. As a designated Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), Dr. Harelson is authorized to conduct Substance Abuse Evaluations for the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Dr. Harelson offers services for any work-related violations, court ordered or out-of-state violations, US Dept. of Transportation Violations (DOT Violations), and Maritime or US Coast Guard violations. His services also include testing and evaluation for the professional nursing licensing board.  Learn More about Robert W. Harelson Psy.D, SAP

Contact Dr. Harelson for prompt substance abuse evaluations from a dedicated substance abuse professional.

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